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The International Day of Women and Girls in Science came into being on the 22nd December, 2015, when the United Nations adopted Resolution A/RES/70/212. It was declared to acknowledge the necessity of fighting for gender equity in science. This first February 11th commemoration catalysed our founding girls in science from around the world to consider: how we, as youth, might utilise the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve parity for women in STEM? Just three years later, they presented their ideas at the United Nations, launching the Girls in Science for Sustainable Development Goals International Platform.

Today we are a group of enthusiastic, kind, intelligent, and supportive girls in science who care for each other and for the global good, and are passionate about both the sciences and attaining equity. Our global community spans an age range of ten years and represents five continents and dozens of countries. We operate under the RASIT umbrella, with the guidance of HRH Princess Dr. Nisreen el-Hashemite and her team.

Our international team organizes the annual commemoration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at the United Nations, and foster a spirit of collaboration amongst girls in science, as well with our male peers, through launching worldwide initiatives and competitions, writing articles, and forming mutually considerate friendships that bridge cultures. Further, we aim to demystify science to help every girl see they have a potential path – and community – in science. 

While some of our founding members will soon be entering careers in the sciences, they retain a mentoring role to others carrying forward this torch to bring the light they shine in their middle school science classrooms to the world. We are confident that our network of strong and bold girls in science will continue to grow as we bring our dynamic vision for an equitable world to reality – for our own futures and for the futures of every young girl who has a dream.