?> Virtual Panel – Girls in Science 4 SDGs International Platform
The Girls in Science 4 SDGs International Platform is happy to announce the launch of our 2020-21 Virtual Panel of Workshop and Webinar Series, aiming to equip youth around the world with the educational preparation and essential life skills needed to be leaders in their future chosen paths.
The Decade of Action has started, and by its end in 2030, it will be our turn as youth to take the lead. The world is changing, and with it the face of leadership – women and minorities are claiming their seats at the table, and young leaders are emerging. We must take the initiative and prepare ourselves as future leaders. We have created these Webinars and Workshops, to equip ourselves with the necessary tools to effect positive change at a global and local scale.  
All girls and boys are welcome to attend our workshops or webinars, at any stage in their learning, as we believe that everyone has something to give, and all have something to gain.